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Better to Upload 2 Souls is a Youtuber themed, 2.5D horror game about a content creator trapped inside a horror game based on himself.

This game is the sequel of Better to Upload. 

Better to Upload

The first game in the series

CHAPTER 1 - The Samurai Story - (Coming soon)

Cory is trapped in another simulation called the PermaLock created by Tokaint, a young evil genius who is high up in the ranks for T.C.O.T.S Laboratories. While Cory is trying to escape, his good friend Joel helps him through a process called " The Forced Inactivation". Cory must watch out for Paralysis, a creature that gets smarter every night as it feeds off of fear. Even though his enemy is this monster, the real enemy is himself, his second soul. 


Everything in this game is fictional. 

This game contains frightening scenes, flashing lights, loud noises, 

3D sound, and jumpscares.

This game is "content creator themed", but does not reflect any real creator's 

life, or personality.

Everything in this game is currently made by Tokaint alone


The updates won’t be DLC so you can buy the game once and have lifetime access to the rest of the chapters. As more chapters role out, the game may go up in price. Each Chapter will have its own unique nights and cut-scenes. I plan to release 9 Chapters in total



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