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I want to play this for free

what the engine used to make this game?


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No clickbait And good game tokaint 

Hello my Alt @Calypso GG

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GG finally i win i love this game

How did you make this?

i played it for a bit then i heard vent sound and closed immediately lol

Dude I tried so Hard to Win lol Good spin-off game though

hello i have a problem with the game i download it and its a file not a game how i can play if anyone can help please tell me how can i fix this

bro unzip the file

Just download winrar right click extract then open the extracted file and then open the game

this game have jumpscares?


Those sounds...  >︿< Everytime i heard him vent, my heart stopped beating. Nevertheless I had to laugh whenever he ran against walls and felt glorious after searching for clues in the kitchen (and survived). 

My record as your official Pro Detective with all the clues was at 3:39. 

Come and beat me! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


she is pretty good I saw it happen first hand!

Sorry bro.

how to uninstall the game

delete the files

This was fun. Definitely got the feel of the original game and put a unique spin on it.

I was able to beat it with incredible intelligence and not with sheer dumb luck :)

I wanna say, props to you. This is a really good game and a really good concept. But I absolutely hate it with a passion. And that's a good thing. I just spent an hour and a half trying to beat it. And just one question: why does bottom right of kitchen have to be a thing?

Pretty tuff game,  Im lowkey the best detective ever made



how can i unintall it 

it dosent work if i want to unistall

Eyyy, I have been playing this game before this page was made!

Love it xD

Looks Great! just curious, what game engine did you use to make this?

Clickteam Fusion :D

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Yooo, i used the same tool, but then moved to godot