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Almost finish with this game my guy. It's getting interesting


Hey Tokai this is Queen Marshie from Twitter!

There seems to be some control bugs in the mobile demo. The controls seem to lag after a couple tries to get the flashlight and battery  and I end up dying due to the problem. Can you please fix this?


I'm releasing an update very soon


ok thanks Tokaint!


the music is lit


Well it is really spoopy over all

(Well it's supposed to be) so Tokaint i give big FAT thumbs up for this 'coz it's just UNBELIEVABLE to see a proper fnaf cory xkenshin game even like this and this even better then all the other cory fnaf fan games out there.

dang i wish i could play this game but i don't have any money :,(

man the game looks great but i can't play it curse my life, still going to watch the videos and i very recommend this game

*sips tea*
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Better To Upload; a horror game about dogs and their fishy biscuits. So  far I feel it's been worth my money. The concept of the game is great and the story has me intrigued, they can touch up on some of the gameplay such as getting hung up on walls and doors, but other than that this game is awesome and I will be continuing my let's pay on it just to uncover more of the story, I have so many questions!

Here's my drunk let's play on it!